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why I love you on April 28, 2008

I just got the photos back from my triathlon and I can see you in the background, smiling so broad because you are happy for me. Even when I do weird stuff for no apparent reason, you love me.

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  • It has been a month and a week since my last post. In that time I have pulled a muscle from my rib under my heart so badly that I thought I was dying…and you were there to comfort me.
    Been very involved in Lauren’s school programs…and you were there to support both of us.
    Ran away to Jamaica with you for a couple of days of r&r…and you were there to hold me.
    Worried about family’s health, work, school…and you were there to listen and help find solutions.
    Husband. UR my best friend.

  • So, I am missing you while gone on a business trip and thinking about how much I love and respect you. When I am gone, you really have to do my work and your own. In addition, you have to run the house. So, what do I do but drop a 5 megaton bomb on you. Complete lack of judgment on my part and I could have handled matters upon my return…so, what I suppose I am saying is this: Thank you for being BRAVE. I love you, Mr. Herndon.

  • So, alredy we are at July 14th…which is a new day to love you. So, your Mom decided to end her marriage and I flew out to help. thank you for trusting me to make it go better for her, dearest MAN. Then, off to explore Niagara Falls with Lauren while you hold down the fort so capably in my absence. You always put family first, James. Do you know what a rare quality that is? U own my heart.

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